Month: July 2017

Touching story of the week

Following on from last Friday’s blog on the increase in the numbers of homeless
in UK towns and cities I came across this touching story this week from across the pond.

Sarah Cummins was due to get married this weekend. She had been working overtime evenings and weekends to raise money to have her dream wedding she had always wanted. The venue was booked with a non-refundable contract and 170 guests invited to the beautifully idyllic grounds of the garden pavilion at Ritz Charles hotel, Carmel, Indiana.

A week before the wedding, Sarah called it off, for reasons she did not want to discuss. The dream had been lost, all the planning, hard work and emotional build up shattered and she was left, with only a broken heart.


Immediately after the decision Sarah called all the guests and told them the
news with tears falling with each phone call she made.

Through all the pain and tears she then had a thought to bring some good of the
doleful situation. She made the magnanimous decision to not let the reception and
all the food go to waste and with the help of the events co-ordinator set about
contacting a number of shelter charities in the area. She has now arranged busses to collect the residence of the shelter charity to have the opportunity of a meal in a setting that they would not have even dared dream.

This Saturday 170 shelter residents and families will sit down at the Ritz
Charles and enjoy a menu of bourbon-glazed meatballs, goat cheese and roasted
garlic bruschetta, chicken breast with artichokes and Chardonnay cream sauce.
And to finish off the meal, you guessed it, the wedding cake.


Sarah says she doesn’t feel so generous, but such a beautiful and unselfish
gesture shows Sarah has a big heart. Bringing such joy to so many in need, at a
time when most of us would only, naturally, be thinking of ourselves. I am sure,
Sarah one day, will meet someone who will fulfil her dreams as she truly


More people in the UK today live in poverty compared to the 1950’s

We now have in the year 2017 more people in the UK living in poverty than in the 1950’s.

Living standard for those on low incomes in the UK is pretty poor and there is over 20% of the population, compared to just below 2% in the 1950’s, in this position. That is a number of around 13 million people and this number has been increasing year on year for the last seven years.

Closely linked to this is the increase in the numbers of homeless or rough sleepers, now living in London and other cities throughout the UK. In a city that boasts over 50 billionaires with a combined wealth of £200 billion it feels a social injustice there should be such extreme diversity.

The number of food banks and people using them continues to increase in tandem with these trends. There are many reasons for homelessness and when living on the poverty line and with no safety net in the case a sudden need for money to use for some unforeseen circumstance can push a family or individual into this situation.


Whatever your political view it is the facts that unless this issue is addressed it will only get worse. When there are those with so much it is surely morally and unjustifiably wrong to have such poverty and homelessness within our towns and cities.