Homeless at Fifteen – Chapter 2 available soon

Chapter two of Lauren’s story is due for publication on my blog this coming  Friday 12 January.

This story is something I have been wanting to write for the last two or three years. It is loosely based on fact and when I heard about it I found it truly touching story where a teenager is homeless through no fault of her own. How fine the line is to where our lives lead us. I have fictionalised the characters and the location as this was originally set in the USA but was something that could happen anywhere. And, it’s a sad thing that with greater numbers now homeless since the 1960’s here in the UK. This was another reason I felt passionate and wanted to get this down in words as it seemed to me that in a city such as London where there are so many billionaires how can we have such a high number of homeless and people visiting food banks to survive.


Join Lauren in her journey from a homelife that provided limited chances, danger and risk of abuse. To an alternative option of life sleeping rough on the street. And, Lauren desperately trying to hold on to any good in her world.

Click To Read Lauren’s Story – Online Novel



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