Welcome to my blog.


On my blog I’d like to share with you some Flash Fiction and Short Stories. Let me take you to some dark places and then I hope to provide some fun uplifting moments. Then maybe a little sad and melancholy for those among you who enjoy a bit of a tear jerker. Recently had some of my short stories published in a number of anthologies with a planned compilation and novel due in 2017.

Plus, anything else that takes my interest including a little bit of history, politics, Arsenal FC and not to forget my other club Walton & Hersham FC (The Greatest non-league side ever). AND my dog Sammy the Lancashire Heeler.

In addition to all that; last year I picked up my guitar and started writing songs again after twenty years. So twenty years of pent up creative juices will be interesting to see what crap I can produce this time. Tag along for maybe some exclusive releases and rants as they arrive.

If you would like to be notified when my books are released click the link  here to get the latest information: Get the news on my latest books as they are released


11 thoughts on “ROBERT WHANSLAW

    1. WE have plenty to shout about. Currently still in the Champions League with only a small deficit to overcome but I am confident and we are ready for our final run in to claim the league title. In Wenger we trust.


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