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Book Review – Beneath the Earth by John Boyne

This is a book of twelve shorts stories and I read this book in two days. And that is going it some for me as I am a normally a slow reader but loved it so much I just couldn’t stop reading.

The themes are interesting, mysterious and dark and one of them even written in the second person – You don’t come across that every day. The style of writing is humorous and funny and not wishing to give you too much of a disturbing image, but I was reading this book whilst lying in the bath and my wife was beginning to wonder who I had in there with me when she could hear me laughing  to myself behind the locked door.

Great booked loved it and totally recommend this one.

This is the first John Boyne book I have read and have noted ‘Must read more of his!’


Book Review -Heroes by Robert Cormier

This is an excellent story with a dark theme running through it. The book starts with the protagonist, Francis Cassavant describing his injuries and how his face is disfigured from injuries after returning home from the war. He returns a hero, although he hides his identity as he has mission to enact a plan to the kill the man who only he knows of his evil.

The story moves back to before the war when Larry Lasalle arrives in Frenchtown and is loved by everyone. He has a style about him that everyone admires. There is however something that Larry tries to hide from them all, but in his weakness fails to control himself, and here his dark morality is eventually revealed. Larry then leaves the town to fight for his country and becomes a war hero as well as Francis.


Eventually Francis confronts Larry and his true nature is revealed. This is an extremely moving story, with a strong theme of deception and how someone’s image can hide a multitude of sins. This is a great book that raising a lot of questions.

Book Review – After The Storm by Jane Lythell

This book is one you can sit back with and get totally absorbed into the atmosphere of the setting. I found myself pulled into the pages on a tranquil wave lazing on the deck of a boat, in the beautiful Caribbean sun, but every now and then there was a sense of unease that alerts you to the more sinister unveilings that are to come. It focuses on four main characters and starts in Belize City when Rob and Anna meet Owen and Kim who have their own boat. Rob and Anna decide to charter the boat and the three of them set off on a journey from Belize to Roatán a small island off the northern coast of Honduras.


The characters gradually build throughout with each exposing flaws as time sails on making them believable and real. A combination of the setting that is cleverly portrayed envelopes a feeling you are there and with the strong character depiction the plot drifts along that as the reader you roll with it needing to know what happens next. This is a psychological thriller that is definitely worth a read as it builds to it climactic ending.

New Year’s Resolution

With the New Year we all make our resolution and at the time we all have the absolute intention of sticking to them. So this year I will spell them out here so cometh the end of 2017 I can look back and check I stuck to my word.

In 2016 I had been working on writing a book or three. They are almost there but still need a little more work. There are three I am currently working on and my resolution is to have them all completed and published by the time the clock strikes midnight on 31st December 2017.

No 1: The first is a novella. The title is still to be confirmed but is looking to be ‘Lauren’s Story’. This is about a teenage girl living in an abusive and dysfunctional family who leaves home and ends up living rough on the street of London. The story is based loosely on a true story (I will blog a little more about Lauren as her character develops in my book).

No 2: The second is a collection of short stories I have that I simply really like. I don’t want to turn them into a full novel as they seem to fit well in the short story category. These cross a number of genres from literary fiction to thriller/crime and others that I am not quite sure where they should be.

No 3: Complete my full novel that is currently three quarters complete in draft format. I don’t have a title for this at the moment but will blog it out when I do. This one is a thriller with the main character Vincent Velussi as a successful businessman being blackmailed. To protect his marriage, his career and his reputation he embezzles money from the company he works to pay the blackmailers off. It doesn’t end there and a number of twists and turns along the way follow.


Until then I wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to interacting with you all in the year ahead.