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More people in the UK today live in poverty compared to the 1950’s

We now have in the year 2017 more people in the UK living in poverty than in the 1950’s.

Living standard for those on low incomes in the UK is pretty poor and there is over 20% of the population, compared to just below 2% in the 1950’s, in this position. That is a number of around 13 million people and this number has been increasing year on year for the last seven years.

Closely linked to this is the increase in the numbers of homeless or rough sleepers, now living in London and other cities throughout the UK. In a city that boasts over 50 billionaires with a combined wealth of £200 billion it feels a social injustice there should be such extreme diversity.

The number of food banks and people using them continues to increase in tandem with these trends. There are many reasons for homelessness and when living on the poverty line and with no safety net in the case a sudden need for money to use for some unforeseen circumstance can push a family or individual into this situation.


Whatever your political view it is the facts that unless this issue is addressed it will only get worse. When there are those with so much it is surely morally and unjustifiably wrong to have such poverty and homelessness within our towns and cities.

Big Sam the Big Twerp

Sam Allardyce, the England manager, sorry former England manager is undoubtedly a twerp, a big one. Big Twerp Sam. He’s also a greedy twerp, a salary of £3m a year, I know times are tough with Brexit and all that but I think £3m would see most of us through the year and leave enough to cover the Christmas present for some relative that you only see once a year. Instead good old Big Twerp Sam decides to seek out other ventures to top his bank account for a rainy day. So he is a twerp and he is greedy and I am not sure if being a twerp covers the idiot characteristic or not so let’s throw it in for good measure.


But Big Twerp Sam is a football manager, that gives him an IQ a little above a football player which has an average IQ 5 points greater than the Capuchin monkey of South America. No excuse I know but what were the FA expecting when they put him in charge. They knew his past history, it did not need Nostradamus to predict, as anyone could have told you it will be a colourful appointment. So we know he’s an idiot and shouldn’t have done it bla di bla di bla but I have few gripes I would like to get off my chest.

Okay to start, why oh why on earth are the FA so shocked and if they believe what he has done to be so wrong why have  they not fired him, terminated his contract, so he would receive nothing. Instead they come to a mutual agreement that means he walks away with a £1m for 67 days work, my calculations tell me that is just under £15k a day. Damn I need to put in for a pay increase or come to some mutual agreement. Hey; but no surprise there, as the FA is controlled by a load of idiots with an IQ marginally above that of a football manager. But that’s not what really gets me about this cataclysmic whammy; it is the newspaper that set the trap. The Telegraph, why is our press and media so intent on wrecking anything we try to build. I understand the press should report fairly when somebody has done something wrong but to go to the lengths of setting someone up and tempting them in for good headlines has to be wrong. It just seems our press are ready to pounce whenever they get a sniff. I am not saying if Sam Allardyce is right or wrong to have lost his job over this all I am saying is the job as England manager is hard enough and instead of our press looking for stories to rip into their next victim why not, for a change, get behind them and be positive with your copy. And, maybe, you never know it might rub off on the team and maybe just maybe, okay let’s not get too carried away, but it can’t do any harm to back and support you country. But I guess that don’t sell papers.

Ready to Start 2016

Made it! Survived January, what a month and I am kind of glad it is over with the loss of so many great celebs and Terry finishing off the list. RIP Terry and thank you for all the pleasure and good you have spread around this world.

Now back to normal, no more ‘Dry January’ as we hit boozie February. No I have promise I will be good. It is 8am 1st February and I still have not had a drink so I consider myself to be doing very well. Productivity is my word for the New Year. Big plans for 2016 with lots of short stories and flash fiction to come over the next couple of months and I target by the end of the year to have my first novel ready. Ready for editing at least but hopefully a little further down the line


Also signed up for the A- Z April challenge where I will blog every day of April to a related letter A – Z. With only twenty six days in April it fits perfectly – maybe.

So I must be off now to start writing and try and find the key to the drinks cabinet. Where did I put it!

Bowie Rocks the Shelf

The big black speakers sat on the white glossed wooden shelves strategically placed at opposite ends of the living room. It was a Fidelity record music centre; the body grey and a plastic translucent top, resting on the teak record cabinet with two sliding doors.


Sliding the left door would reveal my parents record collection, some compilation albums of middle of the road music and country artists. The right door opened a whole new world, my sister’s record collection. In there I removed a record, the plastic cover protecting the album sleeve indicating this was an item of value. Taking the black vinyl twelve inch record, each groove glistening as it is caught by the sunlight that shone through the window, the orange centre label displayed the album name and artist as I placed with care onto the turntable. I turned the On Off control to the right and there was a crackled static sound that coughed through the speakers. Between my thumb and forefinger I lifted the needle from its resting place and navigated to the first groove. Hearing the needle make contact I turned the volume knob a little further to the right. Captivated by the haunted rhythm of the drum and snare playing 6/8 time which was a sound I had not heard before. Followed by the unique vocal sound of this guy telling me that earth was really dying and we had only five years left to cry in. Mesmerised I turned the album and was half way through the B side when I was hit by the raw sound of guitar and Bowie’s voice blasted and rocked the speakers on the shelf with ‘Ziggy played guitar’ I was hooked for life.

And from that day I will always be eternally grateful for that moment and for the years that followed with the intoxicated sound and feeling that cannot be pinned into any one thing how the music bequeaths such emotion and feeling.

For me on that day in my parent’s living room was the day a genius was born.


RIP David Bowie.

Dry January Starting Monday

Will you be joining me for a dry January? Starting from the New Year I am going to do a dry January, no alcohol for a month. Well starting from the first Monday in January if that is acceptable as there too much wine left in the house after Christmas. And as I spent most of Christmas at other people’s houses drinking their wine; it would seem rude not to drink some of the wine I had bought.


This has become a little bit of ritual and this will now be my third year. One strange occurrence I noticed last year was my taste improved more so than when I gave up smoking.

Not sure what will improve this year but I will report back each week and let you know. Keep me updated on your progress I would love to hear how you are coping throughout January.