Lauren’s Story Chapter 5 – Part A

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The Teenage runaway girl living rough on the streets of London

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CHAPTER 5 – Part A

Friday 15 January 2016

DIE BITCH WHY DONT YOU JUST GO FUCKING KILL YOURSELF BEFORE SOMEBODY DOES IT FOR YOU! Read the email message on her Gmail account on her phone. Since the fight with Sophie she received four or five messages a day not dissimilar from that one.

She had always been a loner at school, but the last week had been worse than normal, even the teachers had been distant and standoffish.  Had she become paranoid or was everyone looking at her more, did she imagine the whispers as she passed. Did they hate her more than they had before or was it just her imagination? Although there were parts of school she didn’t like, in the main she found a comfort there that was absent at home. There were places she could go to hide. Her favourite bench on the school field where she felt safe. She loved to spend time in the school library; time passed effortlessly as she read and browsed the thousands of books that filled the shelves. She had not returned to her bench since the fight, the pleasure she used to get from sitting there had been ripped apart. And, it was in the library where she received her first email message; her sanctuary had been invaded by the threats and abusive text.  She could find no escape at school or home, she wanted to cry but she had shed too many tears in her short life and had told herself she would never cry again. She put the phone back in her pocket.

The blue plastic chair next to Lauren was empty. Sophie, who had sat there, had been called in first to see Mr White and had been in there for twenty three minutes. Lauren knew it was twenty three minutes because she had been watching nervously the clock tick away on the wall above Mrs Campbell’s desk. Mrs Campbell was Mr White’s, the headmasters’, secretary and she took great pleasure in letting everybody know of her importance. The room was quiet but for the faint muffled voice of Mr White, who was talking to Sophie from his office behind the closed door. The volume frustratingly not loud enough for Lauren to be able to make out what was being said, then there was total silence and a few seconds later the door opened.

Sophie appeared and looked at Lauren with a big grin on her face, flipping her off with her finger hidden so only Lauren could see. ‘Mr White would like to see you now,’ smirked Sophie. Lauren did not reply but got up, took a deep breath and walked into his office.

‘Close the door, Lauren,’ Mr White said in his authoritarian tone. He was a tall man, well over six feet tall with balding grey hair. His eyes were piercing that never released you from their sight. Mr White slowly eased himself down into his leather chair behind his desk and breathed out sighing.  There was a chair in front of the desk, and Lauren wondered if he was going to offer a seat. He didn’t, so she remained standing.

His office overlooked the school field which gave him the ideal vantage point to monitor the goings on during break time when all the kids were out at play. The perfect location for a headmaster’s office, and the perfect seat to watch the fight that had been the talk of the school for the last week. The bruises remained, Lauren had come off worse, both eyes black and blued, but it was the invisible aches and pains all over her body that hurt the most. There had been plenty of witnesses; however the forthcoming and main witnesses had been members of the pop squad, who had been the only ones there at the start of the fight.

An unprovoked attack, they had all concurred. Lauren, for no apparent reason had just started swearing and shouting at Sophie about her trying to steal Toby from her and then started to throw punches that knocked Sophie to the ground where Lauren then jumped on top of her and continued to hit her. It was only at that point others had seen what was going on. Lauren, astride of Sophie throwing punches, the evidence was stacked against her.

‘There is one thing we will not tolerate in this school and that is physical violence,’ Mr White again sighed heavily. ‘This is very disappointing Lauren, what have you got to say for yourself?’

‘It wasn’t my fault, Sophie just started shouting and hitting me and …’ before Lauren could continue her defence Mr White interrupted her.

‘Lauren, I have spoken to a number of people who were there and they tell me a different story. I think you’re best coming clean young lady, as I say violence we will not accept and if you then follow this up with lies it will only make matters worse’. Lauren’s anger was building inside and she felt an urge to scream at him so he would hear the truth. But, she knew it would do her no good, he had already made his mind up. He picked up a piece of paper from the top of the desk and started to read out aloud. ‘Mr Carter has written here,’ Carter, her Maths teacher, he took an instant dislike to Lauren from day one. ‘He says you are a constant disruption in class.’ Carter picked on her, he always did and the other girls in class always tried to get Lauren in trouble. ‘It’s not good, Lauren. Very disappointing.’  She remained quiet thinking to herself, if she spoke it would only make matters worse. She stood there ready to take her punishment. He read another report by Mr Childs, the physics teacher, who reported similar findings. Maths and Physics, the two lessons she hated, why did he pick those ones and totally ignored the positive ones. English, French and business studies, these were the lessons Lauren excelled in. These were the lessons where she got on well with the teachers. In fact, they praised Lauren for her good work and enthusiasm. But, that would not fit well with the story that had been fabricated to show Lauren was the guilty.

‘I am not impressed Lauren, and I am going to give you two weeks isolation and two weeks school service,’ the isolation was no problem, no one talked to her anyway, it was the school service. That meant losing her breaks that she enjoyed, but two weeks was fine, it could have been worse. ‘I will be emailing you mother later to let her know about this.  And, if there’s any more trouble within the next two weeks we will be seeing each other again.’  He stood up from behind his desk.

‘Next time, I won’t be so lenient. Now off you go and stay out of trouble,’ Lauren left the room just as the bell rang for the final lesson of the day. Physics, just keep out of trouble, that is all she had to do for an hour and then she could get out of school for the weekend.

The final lesson lasted an age and a sense of relief shot through her when the bell rung. She collected her coat and made her way to the library to borrow a book for the weekend before heading home.

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