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Today I wanted to look at one of the forms of entertainment the aristocracy used to engage in. Falconry was a very popular pastime and status symbol amongst medieval aristocracy for both men and women.  It was often referred to as the sport for Kings as peasants could not afford to keep or train the birds. The Plantagenet’s and many women, such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, took great joy and pride in the sport. Depending on your ranking within society you would be permitted a different bird as listed below:

  • King and Queen: Gyrfalcon (male & female)
  • Prince: Female Peregrine
  • Duke: Rock Falcon (subspecies of the Peregrine)
  • Earl: Peregrine
  • Baron: Male peregrine
  • Knight: Saker
  • Squire: Lanner Falcon
  • Lady: Female Merlin
  • Yeoman: Goshawk or Hobby
  • Priest: Female Sparrowhawk
  • Holywater clerk: Male Sparrowhawk
  • Knaves, Servants, Children: Old World Kestrel
    Gyrfalcon 1

    In the middle ages falconry was used as an entertainment to show off the skills of the birds rather than for the purpose of hunting for food.


Ready to Start 2016

Made it! Survived January, what a month and I am kind of glad it is over with the loss of so many great celebs and Terry finishing off the list. RIP Terry and thank you for all the pleasure and good you have spread around this world.

Now back to normal, no more ‘Dry January’ as we hit boozie February. No I have promise I will be good. It is 8am 1st February and I still have not had a drink so I consider myself to be doing very well. Productivity is my word for the New Year. Big plans for 2016 with lots of short stories and flash fiction to come over the next couple of months and I target by the end of the year to have my first novel ready. Ready for editing at least but hopefully a little further down the line


Also signed up for the A- Z April challenge where I will blog every day of April to a related letter A – Z. With only twenty six days in April it fits perfectly – maybe.

So I must be off now to start writing and try and find the key to the drinks cabinet. Where did I put it!