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Chapter 3 – Now Available – Lauren’s Story

With new chapter published every Monday Chapter three is now available. For those who are new to Lauren’s journey I am publishing each chapter as I complete the first draft. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated and really helps.

Lauren's Story

Lauren’s Story is based on a true story but has been fictionalised. The story of a runaway girl aged of fifteen that ends up living rough in London. Join Lauren on her journey.

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Chapter four is well under way and is planned for publication next Monday.


Watch Out For Mondays!

Mondays it is. I am trying to put a bit of consistency with the date and time I post each new chapter. Starting from next Monday at 7am I will publish a new chapter of Lauren’s Story. Something to start the week on that train journey to work or a Monday lunchtime read.

This coming Monday chapter 3 will be available and all back chapters are available from the main page.

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For those who have just joined us this is the story of a teenage girl who runs away from home and ends up living rough on the streets.


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Homeless at Fifteen – Chapter 2 available soon

Chapter two of Lauren’s story is due for publication on my blog this coming  Friday 12 January.

This story is something I have been wanting to write for the last two or three years. It is loosely based on fact and when I heard about it I found it truly touching story where a teenager is homeless through no fault of her own. How fine the line is to where our lives lead us. I have fictionalised the characters and the location as this was originally set in the USA but was something that could happen anywhere. And, it’s a sad thing that with greater numbers now homeless since the 1960’s here in the UK. This was another reason I felt passionate and wanted to get this down in words as it seemed to me that in a city such as London where there are so many billionaires how can we have such a high number of homeless and people visiting food banks to survive.


Join Lauren in her journey from a homelife that provided limited chances, danger and risk of abuse. To an alternative option of life sleeping rough on the street. And, Lauren desperately trying to hold on to any good in her world.

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Lauren’s Story

Over the next few months I will publish as I complete each chapter the first draft of my novel. Lauren’s Story is based on the true story of a teenage girl who runs away from home and ends up homeless living rough on the London streets.

Lauren's Story 3

I would loved to get your feedback as the story develops so post below general comments and specific to each chapter in the individual published chapters to avoid any spoilers.

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Chapter 1

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More people in the UK today live in poverty compared to the 1950’s

We now have in the year 2017 more people in the UK living in poverty than in the 1950’s.

Living standard for those on low incomes in the UK is pretty poor and there is over 20% of the population, compared to just below 2% in the 1950’s, in this position. That is a number of around 13 million people and this number has been increasing year on year for the last seven years.

Closely linked to this is the increase in the numbers of homeless or rough sleepers, now living in London and other cities throughout the UK. In a city that boasts over 50 billionaires with a combined wealth of £200 billion it feels a social injustice there should be such extreme diversity.

The number of food banks and people using them continues to increase in tandem with these trends. There are many reasons for homelessness and when living on the poverty line and with no safety net in the case a sudden need for money to use for some unforeseen circumstance can push a family or individual into this situation.


Whatever your political view it is the facts that unless this issue is addressed it will only get worse. When there are those with so much it is surely morally and unjustifiably wrong to have such poverty and homelessness within our towns and cities.

New Year’s Resolution

With the New Year we all make our resolution and at the time we all have the absolute intention of sticking to them. So this year I will spell them out here so cometh the end of 2017 I can look back and check I stuck to my word.

In 2016 I had been working on writing a book or three. They are almost there but still need a little more work. There are three I am currently working on and my resolution is to have them all completed and published by the time the clock strikes midnight on 31st December 2017.

No 1: The first is a novella. The title is still to be confirmed but is looking to be ‘Lauren’s Story’. This is about a teenage girl living in an abusive and dysfunctional family who leaves home and ends up living rough on the street of London. The story is based loosely on a true story (I will blog a little more about Lauren as her character develops in my book).

No 2: The second is a collection of short stories I have that I simply really like. I don’t want to turn them into a full novel as they seem to fit well in the short story category. These cross a number of genres from literary fiction to thriller/crime and others that I am not quite sure where they should be.

No 3: Complete my full novel that is currently three quarters complete in draft format. I don’t have a title for this at the moment but will blog it out when I do. This one is a thriller with the main character Vincent Velussi as a successful businessman being blackmailed. To protect his marriage, his career and his reputation he embezzles money from the company he works to pay the blackmailers off. It doesn’t end there and a number of twists and turns along the way follow.


Until then I wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to interacting with you all in the year ahead.