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Free eBook – Lost in My World

Here is a little taster I wanted to offer you in the form of a free ebook. It’s a short story called ‘Lost in My Word’. It’s a story that is not quite as it first seems. The story is based in an English hospital where David Polk is a patient. The story is written in the first person as David Polk, who tells of his recent birthday when he has just turned fifteen and how his life has been put on hold since being admitted into hospital. David’s frustrations grow and his mischievous nature gets the better of him as he tires of the hospital routine.

Lost in My World - Author Rob Powell
Lost in My World – Author Rob Powell

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Best Book Dedications and Acknowledgements

I am near to publishing my first book and, was suddenly hit by the fact, traditionally it is in good grace to write an acknowledgement, thanking those for their help in writing my book, and to dedicate my book, I have spent months and months agonising over to someone who once said ‘Oh, are you writing a book!’.

Oh well, not one to break from tradition, I thought I would check out a few from other authors. Here are some of my favourites I came up with.

Silly Verse For Kids by Spike Milligan
This book is dedicated to my bank balance.

Ship of Magic by Robb Hobb
To caffeine and sugar, my companions through many a long night of writing.

Heart of Goof by P.G. Wodehouse
To my daughter Leonora without whose never-failing sympathy and encouragement this book would have been finished in half the time.

My Shit Life So Far by Frankie Boyle
To all my enemies,
I will destroy you.

Visions of Cody by Jack Kerouac
Dedicated to America, whatever that is.

Austenland by Shannon Hale
For Colin Firth
You’re a really great guy, but I’m married,
so I think should just be friends

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
What can I say about a man who knows how I think and still sleeps next to me with the lights off?

I may have to add to this list but if you have any good one I would love to hear them.

In under 500 words love, romance, pain and a twist

A snap piece of flash fiction for you. Sometimes there is no reason but I thought it would be fun to write this piece to provide to you in a few words as possible a story of mixed emotions with a twist to complete.

A romantic novel should have a emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. My attempt at romance: Are watching Mills and Boon!


Click Here for Flash Fiction Romance – Last Flight Home

Enjoy friends!


Z the end of the Alphabet and the end of my story on The Plantagenet’s

I have made it through to Z and I really couldn’t think of anything with a ’Z’ Plantagenet related so would just like to thank everybody who has followed my series this month on one of the most amazing families that has ever ruled England.

I hope I have been able to provide you with a little insight to how this family worked and sparked an interest for you to further investigate. There are many interesting facts that surround the Plantagenet’s unfortunately too many to cover in this month.

If you have enjoyed my blogs it would be great to keep in touch so be sure to subscribe to my site. I have planned some really interesting and gruesome topics in the next few months so don’t miss out.

Thanks again,